Loans For Local Businesses

Gaby Long celebrates the opening of her third location, “The Grind” at the California Redwood Coast, Humboldt County Airport
It all started with her first venture, Old Town Eureka’s “A Taste Of Bim.” All supported by RREDC.

Loans For Local Businesses

Dick Taylor Chocolates restored a historic building in Old Town Eureka to expand their successful manufacturing and retail business with the help of a RREDC loan.

Loans For Local Businesses

The co-owners of the Historic Eagle House since early 2017, the Rex-Metz team.
From left to right:  Tammy Rex, Tim Metz (holding Max the hotel dog), Jenny Metz and Rebecca Rex.

Loans For Local Businesses

Six River Brewery owners Talia Nachson and Meredith Maier celebrate another win with Brewmaster Carlos Sanchez
Meredith and Talia purchased and expanded the brewery with RREDC’s help.

Loans For Local Businesses

Frances Enos Fire Pump Repair in Ferndale is a great example of a local entrepreneur who, with our help, as grown his business into a successful venture that provides a critical service to our community.  Learn more at

We Make Loans For:

  • Working Capital and Inventory

  • Starting a Business

  • Buying a Business

  • Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

  • Buying Machinery, Equipment, Furniture, and Fixtures

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Not sure what kind of loan you need?

The Northcoast Small Business Development Center can help you determine the type of loan that is best for your business.


Adequate working capital is a key ingredient for a successful and prosperous business, especially when starting a new business. Working capital provides the “cushion” of cash a business needs to cover expenses.  We can working capital or lines of credit loans.

Inventory is also an essential component of most businesses. RREDC provides financing for inventory expansion and inventory purchases for existing or new businesses.


Purchasing an existing business is an excellent opportunity for you to achieve independence. Most business acquisitions combine a variety of loan purposes, such as inventory, equipment, working capital and/or real estate. These combinations are very typical in a business purchase and can be combined into a single loan.

The term for a business acquisition loan will vary depending on the type of business and what you’re buying.  We can finance up to 90% of the purchase price.


Most businesses need machinery and/or equipment to operate, computers or copiers, or even large industrial machinery. RREDC can finance almost any type of equipment and/or machinery (new and used).

Machinery and/or equipment loans require a 10% to 25% owner equity injection (down payment).


One of the biggest milestones a business can reach is buying its own building or expanding to a point where constructing or renovating a new building is necessary. RREDC can help you find money for the purchase, construction, renovation and expansion of commercial real estate.

Equity injection (down payment) generally is between 10% and 25%, depending on a variety of factors.

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