Housing in Humboldt

What’s New?

City of Eureka Acts to Encourage More Housing

A shortage of quality, affordable housing is a problem in our region and across the state. To address this, the City of Eureka is increasing its efforts to stimulate the creation of new housing. Eureka is largely built out with little space to expand available land...

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Should the County be More Involved in Encouraging Housing?

The County of Humboldt is discussing ways to more actively encourage the development of housing. Moving beyond merely providing adequate zoning it is considering subsidizing and maintaining it. More on this effort is found in this article from the "Mad River Union."...

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Final Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) adopted !

The Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) recently announced the adoption of the county’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). Housing allocations outlined in the RHNA are important components of the Housing Element updates of the County and seven...

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Updates from the State…

On January 24, Field Representative for Senator McGuire Thomas Witzel met with local government officials, including community development directors, local mayors and more, to talk about the housing market. In addition to discussing the history of California's housing...

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SB2 Funding to help with Housing Plans and More

Jurisdictions can now get funding assistance to help update general and community plans, address barriers to development and more. Grants of $25,000 and more are available to local governments, but those entities are encouraged to collaborate with other “other forms...

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How Does Humboldt’s Housing Affect You?

Tell Us Your Story!

“There are 70 units on the market and we have triple the demand in qualified applicants- these are professionals with adequate income and good references but we just don’t have the units.”

“Take a 30 year old with 2 kids, you spend $250,000 and what do you get? Substandard housing. Compare this to other areas. It hurts us.”

“It is easy to think [city] staff is the problem, is isn’t. Regulations make development harder.”

“We’ve had two generations of bigger buildings—it is time to reverse that trend.”

“If our housing units and population have both been growing slowly, why are people finding it hard to find housing?”