Jurisdictions can now get funding assistance to help update general and community plans, address barriers to development and more. Grants of $25,000 and more are available to local governments, but those entities are encouraged to collaborate with other “other forms of governments or entities where the proposal will have a direct effect on land-use or development within the locality”.

Potential partners could include

  • Other localities
  • Regional governments
  • Housing authorities
  • School districts
  • Special districts
  • Community based organizations
  • Any duly constituted governing body of an Indian reservation or rancheria.

 Multi-jurisdictional partnerships are also encouraged to coordinate with regional governments, leverage regional and state investment, promote consistency with the sustainable communities strategy, and affirmatively further fair housing.

 The funding is highly flexible—with eligible projects to include:

  • Updates to general plans, community plans, specific plans, local planning related to implementation of sustainable communities strategies, or local coastal plans;
  • Updates to zoning ordinances;
  • Environmental analyses that eliminate the need for project-specific review; and
  • Local process improvements that improve and expedite local planning.

 Full Guidelines are posted HERE