On November 16, 2018, Senator Jim Beall, Chair of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and Senator Mike McGuire, Chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, held the second of two hearings that explored comprehensive solutions to the housing gap and effect positive change at a regional and local level.

The November 16 hearing focused on California’s Affordable Housing Crisis: Tailored Solutions to the Land Use Conundrum in Communities Big and Small

“California is in the midst of a serious housing crisis,” Senator McGuire said. “Approximately 2.5 million lower income families in California pay more in rent than they can afford and 1.5 million of them spend at least half of their monthly income on housing. We all know this is an alarming problem, and we must work together to find solution.  I am grateful to partner with Senator Beall on these critical hearings and look forward to advancing  a comprehensive affordable housing package with him next year that will help close the housing gap.”

You can find the PowerPoint from the presentation HERE, which presents California data, challenges AND potential solutions.

Some interesting notes from can be found …

  • Slide 8: Humboldt County has one of the highest rates of cost-burdened renters in California at 33.76% (this is higher than in counties like Santa Cruz and Riverside)
  • Slide 9: County residents experience higher commuting cost, which dramatically increases residents’ overall cost burden