Housing can be an important asset for Humboldt County,helping us to attract and retain skilled workers, new businesses, and students. Quality, affordable housing also provides options for seniors, families and low-income individuals. A strong housing market benefits us all.

Attend the Redwood Region Housing Forum to learn about our current market, hear new ideas, and join with others to make Humboldt’s housing an economic driver for the region.

Topics Include

  • Our current housing market: quantity, quality, and cost.
  • How do we define a “healthy” housing market?
  • How does our housing market affect our economy?
  • What tools do we have to support a healthy housing market?
  • What other cool tools and programs can we use/implement?
  • What is the Regional Housing Needs Allocation? Issues and approaches.
  • Creating a vibrant housing market; what can and will we do?

Speakers Include:

  • Local staff and policymakers.
  • Real estate professionals
  • State housing officials
  • Local builders and developers
  • Major employers
  • Innovative development organizations
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