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Broadband Partners






In 1997, KHUM was one of the first radio stations in the country to stream their signal.  Want to enjoy the sounds of our community?  Click below.


Pick Us Google!

Hello Google,

No, we're not having parades, renaming our children, or jumping into shark tanks to get your attention.  We're not because, like you, we know that it's content not cuteness that's important.  We know how important broadband technology is to the world and how it has and will continue to make a difference in our very special part of that world.  We're not new to this.  In fact, we've been working hard for years (just look at the time line on the right).  That's why we're recognized as national leaders in rural broadband policy.  So, enjoy the others' stunts.  We admit, they are fun to watch.  Then, when you are really ready to get serious, take some time to get to know us.   It's not that we're afraid to have fun up here.  It's just that we take you and this subject very seriously.  It's about making a difference in our community.  It's about our future.

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Ten Reasons Google Should Come To Humboldt County

  1. We're passionate about expanding technology.  Check out some history here and the timeline over there on the right.
  2. You will be able to get the project done quickly and efficiently with private sector partners in fiber installation and extensive rights-of-way.
  3. While here, your employees can enjoy Beer, and Beer, and Beer, BeerWine, and lots of other great stuff.
  4. We have some really cool Innovative Companies.
  5. We are doing cutting edge work in energy, redwood forest ecology, marine science, spatial analysis, and telemedicine.
  6. We are leaders in rural broadband policy and have received statewide and national attention for our work.
  7. We've got great art, film, digital media and music!
  8. We're transforming our economy and Google's investment will be a catalyst for a real change in people's lives.
  9. We're good enough that we don't have to rename ourselves "Google."  We know that there's only one us and only one you!
  10. O.k. there are way more than ten reasons.  Want to know more?  Go here.

2010 Redwood Coast Broadband Forum

The 2010 Redwood Coast Broadband Forum was held on September 29th.  It was a great event.  Click on the links below to get copies of the presentations.



A History Of Broadband Activism!














  • Redwood Technology Consortium Organizes as a Non-Profit and Begins A Weekly "Tech Beat" Column in Daily Newspaper


  • January 2000 - We Survive Y2K


  • Pacific Bell Announces Project to Connect Humboldt County Via Fiber Optic Line.


  • The RTC Organizes the First "Tech Expo" in Eureka