Housing in Humboldt

What’s New?

Strategy for Building 1M Homes…

The annual California Economic Summit was held last November. The Summit, a statewide gathering of public- and private-sector groups, focuses on advancing the progress made in workforce preparation, housing and community development.  It produced a new 2019 Roadmap to...

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Northcoast Journal Discusses Rental Housing Market Problems

The Northcoast Journal recently ran an article discussing the problems of rental housing affordability and quality faced by local residents. The story was written by HSU Investigative Reporting students who themselves have experienced problems. This article available...

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The Value of Housing- Debated?

Is housing an economic asset that improves a community’s ability to produce goods and services?  Is it a social asset because it supports people in being useful members of society?  Should it just be left to market forces to sort out? Housing impacts all aspects of...

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How Does Humboldt’s Housing Affect You?

Tell Us Your Story!

“There are 70 units on the market and we have triple the demand in qualified applicants- these are professionals with adequate income and good references but we just don’t have the units.”

“Take a 30 year old with 2 kids, you spend $250,000 and what do you get? Substandard housing. Compare this to other areas. It hurts us.”

“It is easy to think [city] staff is the problem, is isn’t. Regulations make development harder.”

“We’ve had two generations of bigger buildings—it is time to reverse that trend.”

“If our housing units and population have both been growing slowly, why are people finding it hard to find housing?”